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Absolute Capital Lending hard money loans

Rehab Loans from Rehabbers

We are investors just like you! 

Absolute Capital Lending was founded by some of New Jersey’s most successful real estate investors.  Over the past ten years we have rehabbed or wholesaled hundreds of properties ourselves and have supported many other seasoned and new investors on hundreds more.  Our experience is unique and we understand your needs for quick, reliable and competitive capital for deals.

Benefit from our experience

Our support doesn’t stop once the loan is made. We are glad to share our vast rehabbing experience with our customers.  Whether it be an initial evaluation of your deal, advice on best rehab practices, how to handle problems when they arise, or where to find the experts you need when you run into unexpected issues.  We can even help you find wholesale deals! We are successful when you are successful.

We get it!

When it comes to buying and rehabbing properties we’ve more than likely “been there, done that”. We understand your business and we want to help you grow. Check out our loan programs and get pre-qualified today. Be ready to jump on that next deal as soon as it comes along.  

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